FlexPod: What’s in a name?

Most corporate IT budgets are flat or are reflecting minimal annual increases. CIOs are being tasked with delivering more for less. That’s broadly the sum of it.  “Deliver innovation and put IT to work to drive the top line, oh, and do it without increasing costs” is the message from the board. CIOs have never […]

Here comes some more product. Put out the bunting? Yes, I think so…..

Whoa hey! NetApp introduces another new FAS system. Read all about it! (well, two systems actually, see here). Put out the bunting and open the champagne. Depending on your starting position you might possibly be thrilled about the introduction of both the new entry-level FAS system, the 2500 and also the FAS 8080 EX, the […]

Some thoughts on leadership

Last week I delivered a briefing to 40 of our most able managers in EMEA. It was a small part of a week-long training course that they were undertaking on many aspects of leadership and strategy. I was there primarily to talk about how marketing (my function) is supporting the corporate strategy, but towards the […]

What UK & European Startups can learn from Israel

This post was originally published on Forbes.com on 6th June 2014. How difficult is it to create a European startup in a technology discipline? How does it compare to the USA, the home of the startup?  What are the cultural differences that seem to put America—in particular the San Francisco Bay area—ahead of the game? Alan […]

Storage Wars anyone?

I don’t watch much TV. Other stuff gets in the way. So I have been unaware of a series running on one of the digital channels, snappily titled Storage Wars. I am sure all you hip folk who are up with the zeitgeist know all about it, but me – no. So when I saw […]