Does Brexit need a rebrand?

What do Johnson & Johnson, Perrier and Burberry all have in common? All three were brands which had become toxic on some level in the last thirty years.  J&J’s Tylenol was found to be linked to several deaths in the 1980s, Perrier suffered after it’s major brand promise of purity was seriously found wanting in the… Read More »

Disruption in Logistics

Over the past few weeks I have been doing some research into the field of third party logistics (3PL). It is not a market I know well but one I think is ripe for some significant disruption and transformation over the next few years. It is clearly an asset intensive business – transportation and property… Read More »

Is Growth Hacking relevant for B2B Marketers

Firstly, what is growth hacking? It is a trend that is starting to permeate the consciousness of digital marketers the world over but has not yet gained any significant level of awareness outside that. Wikipedia states that “growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective,… Read More »

The UK is open for business

How’s your last week been? Hopefully better than mine and probably better than most of the 48% of the UK voters who voted ‘remain’ in the referendum. Of course what with buyer’s remorse and what psychologists call ‘cognitive dissonance’, that figure is likely to be way higher by now. Churchill famously said that ‘the best… Read More »

For Monkigras read 'Nordigras'

For the last three years the boys at RedMonk (the AR firm devoted to the developer community) have been successfully running their annual developer conference, Monkigras in London in January. Presumably the name is a play on the world famous Mardigras festival which is most widely known in Brazil and the US. However it… Read More »

Atlas Shrugged

In my two preceding posts I highlighted a book in each that I think are as relevant to today’s business world as they were when written: Lou Gerstner’s ‘Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance’ which tells the story of IBM’s reinvention (something many companies are having to consider as we move to the Third Platform and… Read More »

Will the elephants dance again?

**First published on LinkedIn** David Amerland wrote a thought-provoking piece last week on the influence that 3 books have had on business during the 20th and 21st centuries (Forbes Brand Voice: “Huh? 3 Business books we just don’t understand”). Although the 3 are not business books but medieval treaties on war and feudal domination, many… Read More »