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Does Brexit need a rebrand?

What do Johnson & Johnson, Perrier and Burberry all have in common? All three were brands which had become toxic on some level in the last thirty years.  J&J’s Tylenol was found to be linked to several deaths in the 1980s, Perrier suffered after it’s major brand promise of purity was seriously found wanting in the… Read More »

The UK is open for business

How’s your last week been? Hopefully better than mine and probably better than most of the 48% of the UK voters who voted ‘remain’ in the referendum. Of course what with buyer’s remorse and what psychologists call ‘cognitive dissonance’, that figure is likely to be way higher by now. Churchill famously said that ‘the best… Read More »

The Boss

Most people who know me would think I am a pretty easy going individual. But, although I may appear to be fairly mild mannered on the surface, I am actually quite obsessive about certain things – actually to an extent that some would think is out of proportion (except for others who share the same… Read More »