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For Monkigras read 'Nordigras'

For the last three years the boys at RedMonk (the AR firm devoted to the developer community) have been successfully running their annual developer conference, Monkigras in London in January. Presumably the name is a play on the world famous Mardigras festival which is most widely known in Brazil and the US. However it… Read More »

Some thoughts on leadership

I recently delivered a briefing to 40 senior managers of a mid cap technology company from across Europe. It was a small part of a week-long training course that they were undertaking on many aspects of leadership and strategy. I was there primarily to talk about how marketing (my function) is supports corporate strategies, but… Read More »

From Nought to the Tour de France in 3.5 years……

This is a story of dedication, focus and self-belief. It shows that with concentration and hard work, extraordinary things can be achieved. The world of professional cycling is extremely competitive and dominated by a few well-funded teams that are sponsored by some market-leading brands. Team Sky is probably the most well-known, having won the last… Read More »

FedEx faster than the Internet?

My esteemed colleague and blogger, Tim Waldron (see Tim’s Tales) alerted me to this rather interesting article about how, under certain specific conditions, FedEx is actually a faster carrier of data than the Internet (please note: there are other logistics companies who perform the same function). I only share because it amused me. Of course,… Read More »

Yep NetApp, Marmite, Carlsberg and Whiskas.

Recently we’ve been running some above-the-line advertising, what we call our “Yep, NetApp campaign”. I hope you have seen some of it. It was developed at our Corporate headquarters,  and I was wondering the other day what else had been considered, and whether or not we could have been bolder and more provocative. Some years… Read More »