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Claus Egge

It was distressing to hear this week of the passing of Claus Egge. For many years Claus was amongst other roles, the lead storage research analyst at IDC in EMEA, and a very fine one at that. As a vendor representative at Documentum, EMC and more recently at NetApp, I came into contact with Claus… Read More »

it’s mission critical…..

What is ‘mission critical’? It’s an overused phrase in business, like ‘strategic’ or ‘leverage’, banded about without much thought to what it really means. I guess you’d say that the work done down at Cape Canaveral is ‘mission-critical’ but that’s only because it literally makes sense. Many businesses have defined a ‘mission’ of some sort.… Read More »

The T-Rex Problem of Marketing

Some tech marketing succumbs to what has been described as the T-Rex problem. That is, some brilliant thinking but very little in the way of positive outcome. Why T-Rex? Well, a very big head, which for the purposes of the metaphor equates to a big brain, and very small arms which metamorphoses as limited execution. … Read More »