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Ferry does Dylan – and not very well.

Album review – Bryan Ferry ‘Dylanesque’. In a series of very occasional album reviews on this site, here are my reflections on ‘Dylanesque’, Bryan Ferry’s homage to Bob Dylan. Granted it is about 7 years too late to be reviewing it and I suppose anyone who thought about buying it either did so at the… Read More »

A purely visceral rant

One facet of the “connectedness” that we all now have is the opportunity to comment real-time, without reflection or without consideration of what should be a proportionate reaction. Today, that is an opportunity I am going to take. I am sitting in LHR Terminal 5 for the umpteenth time this year, waiting for a delayed… Read More »

Tramps like us, baby we were born to die

Album Review: The Monitor by Titus Andronicus Music has lost the power to shock. The last band to polarise society and change it for the better was probably the Sex Pistols at the end of the Seventies. The original wild child Robert Johnson started it    all off in a bluesy kind of way back in… Read More »

Johnny Cash’s American Recordings

What does Johnny Cash mean to you? I am sure he elicits some emotion, whether it be his role in country music since the 50s or maybe his life story as told in the film Walk The Line with Joaquim Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. Until recently it was very much the latter for me although… Read More »

Gary Moore

Not too sure why I am writing this post except that I wanted to pen something about Gary Moore, but can’t think what to write that would add anything apart from expressing the sadness I feel for the passing of an iconic guitarist. I tried to learn some of the licks off “Still got the… Read More »

Is Springsteen’s new album The Promise any good?

I believe everyone should have a soundtrack to their lives. Maybe a golden  period of music continually to fall back on or perhaps a musical genre that has been a backdrop to their ageing process. For me it is an artist that has accompanied me since 1978 and continues to do so to this day.… Read More »

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

A two-week vacation in South West France should be memorable enough at the best of times but given it was my fourth in twelve years, I guess familiarity could have bred some complacency. So it was especially pleasing to have something to pin-point that vacation in years to come. It will forever connote the two… Read More »