FlexPod: Efficiency meets Performance

By | October 2, 2014

Cisco Fabric Interconnect & Netapp Filer + Disk Shelfs - FlexPodFlexPod now available with all flash-arrays and Cisco ACI

 Now, I generally don’t get very technical or push product too much on this site preferring to take a more holistic and perhaps askance view on the IT industry. There are plenty of posts from my colleagues like Matt Watts that dive into the details and very good they are too. But sometimes I do talk product where I think it is an important innovation, part of a market-shifting technology category or it delivers a significant step forward in helping our customers achieve the successful outcomes to which they aspire.

The NetApp integrated infrastructure offerings are in one such category which is experiencing very significant growth (>50% p.a.). Together with our partner Cisco, we have been delivering FlexPods of varying shapes and sizes into our customers for the last 4 years. By utilizing validated designs, they have been able to bring together applications with the storage-network-compute layers to provide a sort of data center in a box – configured and tested and without all the complexities of bolting it all together themselves.

Whilst FlexPod may not be ready yet to make your coffee every morning, it can certainly help transition to the cloud faster, with less risk and on your terms.

Cisco and NetApp have just announced the availability of new FlexPod designs to allow organizations to get the best of both worlds: getting all the benefits of integrated infrastructure with optimal level of performance with Flash technology.

I have been leading Marketing organizations for many years and I know what you are thinking, another marketing claim from Cisco and NetApp … but what’s really so unique and special about this announcement?

Let me share my views and why I truly think that NetApp and Cisco have reached a new milestone in innovation.

Organizations across the world are shifting towards integrated infrastructure to save time, reduce risk and gain efficiency. With FlexPod our customers can benefit from the major innovations from Cisco and NetApp in compute, networking and storage. Today, more than 4,100 customers have chosen to deploy FlexPod to transition to cloud with a scalable platform.

The latest validated designs using the latest NetApp All-Flash FAS8000 and EF550 arrays will help tremendously to meet the specific performance requirements of a workload or budget requirements, while still delivering the efficiency savings of a single, shared IT infrastructure platform.

We have also released new validated designs using the Cisco Nexus 9000 series switch and new Cisco ACI software including the Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC) server that automates management through a Software Defined Datacenter approach.

In addition, Red Hat is joining the FlexPod Cooperative Support. The Cooperative support now includes Cisco, VMware, Citrix, Microsoft and Red Hat to deliver a coordinated and streamlined support experience for FlexPod.

To learn more about this announcement, please read the NetApp Technology Blog written by Mike Harding, Worldwide Product Marketing Manager at NetApp.

I promise I’ll go back to more highfalutin’ topics on my site in future but I thought it important that you know about Flash meeting integrated infrastructure 😉

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