Here comes some more product. Put out the bunting? Yes, I think so…..

By | June 18, 2014

overview-fas8000-200x106Whoa hey! NetApp introduces another new FAS system. Read all about it! (well, two systems actually, see here). Put out the bunting and open the champagne.

Depending on your starting position you might possibly be thrilled about the introduction of both the new entry-level FAS system, the 2500 and also the FAS 8080 EX, the fastest, most scalable and most modern storage array that NetApp has ever produced. Effectively we’ve bookended the NetApp hardware range, simplifying as we go.

On the other hand you may be thinking, ‘so what?’ New processors, more memory, more slots, better flash optimization? All good stuff but if you are the CIO of an enterprise or the CTO of a service provider does it get the pulse racing? You may be tempted to second glance it then pass it to your storage team to pick over the news.

However, hold on there Tiger (you don’t mind me calling you Tiger do you?). The speeds and feeds may not thrill you personally, but what about the potential outcomes of using them? That just might.

All the FAS systems run the very latest version of Clustered Data ONTAP (8.2.1), the world’s #1 storage operating system (as measured by capacity shipped. Source IDC). What does this mean to an IT leader?

Well, firstly the combination of the most scalable hardware platform the FAS 8080 EX, coupled with the clustering capabilities of cDOT means that you can establish a simply massive storage fabric stretching to 24 systems and delivering a throughput in excess of 4 million IOPS. And that is important if you want to run the most demanding applications in your data center. You can have a storage platform that is capable of not just joining the enterprise party but being the center of attention.

Like all FAS systems, the new platforms are multi-protocol and operate in both block and file modes. They are equally as adept at hosting tier one, business critical applications as they are in running home directories and email systems. By equipping them with Flash storage, either in an All Flash configuration or in a pooled, flash plus spinning disk architecture, the most demanding business applications can be supported.  These new systems can meet the scale-up and scale-out requirements necessary to support tier one critical applications like ERP, financial applications and web hosting environments.

This translates to lower cost, more flexibility and greater scalability. But critically, it also is a platform that provides non-disruptive operations. Never taking your systems down for unplanned or even unplanned downtime is transformational. Revlon, the cosmetics company reported less than 13 seconds downtime per annum, and even that was planned. See exactly why this was transformational here (see the video and read my post here). Migrating hardware, fixing failing disk drives and upgrading software can all be done without interrupting the applications and the users. That’s what Clustered Data ONTAP allows and now that it is married with the hottest storage platform that we’ve ever produced, we really can stand up arrays that support the most demanding of production environments.

So today, there’s a new sheriff in ‘tier one’ town. He’s drawing his guns more quickly than the opposition, he has less expensive hardware, his bullets never jam and he fires in a flash. Meet the FAS 8080 EX

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