NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP: A Disruptive Technology for Non-Disruptive Computing

By | June 11, 2013

tet-e1370834243593I bet if  you were to ask most CIOs what their worst nightmare is, a good proportion would say it would be that the systems and the applications that are under their aegis become unavailable for their users, which then leads to a loss of productivity, a loss of business or even a loss of brand value. It is bad enough when their own staff are unable to get access to vital computing resources like say email, but it is even worse should the lack of availability affect customers and partners. 10 years ago the tolerance for downtime was more relaxed than it is today. Back then, if for example you couldn’t get online to your checking account, it was not really a problem, your expectation of IT was not particularly high. You consoled yourself with the fact that is was relatively cool to do on-line banking anyway, and so  you checked back in a few hours. Today if that same scenario occurs more than once, you shift your account. Simple. The tolerance level has plunged. The consumerization of IT has raised expectations dramatically foe the availability of systems.

Today, CIOs have a heightened awareness for the role they play in keeping the systems ever-present and the damaging consequences of unavailability for customers and partners. Failure to provide 100% access could potentially seriously damage the brand of the company or at least the trust its users or customers have in the IT department.

Today NetApp announces the availability of a truly disruptive piece of technology to help the CIO sleep better at night. It is disruptive in that it will set the standard for all storage vendors going forward. it is truly unique in its capability. And, what is a sweet irony is that in while it is disruptive, it focuses on the one issue CIOs most worry about, and that is achieving non-disruption of their systems.

Clustered Data ONTAP version 8.2 is released today and builds on the successful storage OS, Data ONTAP, which is the #1 storage operating system in the world (largest market share, IDC 2013). So what’s new?

Well, the focus remains the same, delivering across 3 main vectors

Non-Disruptive Operations

Proven Efficiency

Seamless Scalability

Available in the new release are such important features as Quality of Service (QoS) and enhanced Secure Multi-Tenancy (SMT) – both essential to customers and service provides alike, as they look to deliver to the needs of their constituents. 8.2 delivers advance clustering capabilities  which guarantee moving to 8.2 will constitute the final migration that a customer ever needs to do and ensures that planned, and indeed unplanned downtime, become a thing of the past.

Migrations, hardware refreshes and scale out as well as “scale up”, are handled by a single Storage OS that delivers 100% up-time for the storage systems, even when data is in flight or the disk itself is taken off-line. Imagine being able to move the data from one storage platform to another whilst the data is actually being accessed by an application. This allows for upgrades, repairs, additional capacity investment through more disks etc.

For organizations running mission critical applications, whom brand is sacrosanct and 100% up-time is mandatory, Clustered Data ONTAP is not just desirable but mandatory.

In an IT world where hyperbole is commonplace and where the marketing claims often are not met by reality, Clustered Data ONTAP actually delivers on the promise that many an IT director and CIO makes to the business – that of guaranteed availability of data storage and no planned downtime.

This is disruptive technology – disruptive to the other storage vendors as NetApp brings its market leading storage OS, Data ONTAP to the next level by providing non-disruption  to businesses, large, medium and small.


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