NetApp ranked #1 Storage for Public Cloud Infrastructure

By | December 12, 2013

wind-300x260No doubt about it – cloud computing is the most disruptive trend and the biggest paradigm shift that we’ve seen in IT architectures since client-server came into prominence back in the 1980s thereby breaking the hegemony of the mainframe vendors . As Jay Kidd stated in his predictions last year IT departments have to start thinking like service providers, delivering apps as services and brokering other services from outside their organisation. For those enterprises on that journey the result is that they have a mix of their own private clouds (both on- and off-premise) together with workloads on public clouds operated by service providers and hyperscalars.

For storage vendors this is requiring new ways of storing and managing data – data that can be flexibly leveraged across these public and private clouds,  in what is being termed a “hybrid cloud” environment. Data has “gravity” and considerations need to be taken into account with respect to data sovereignty, data security and data governance. NetApp’s  Data ONTAP is the world’s #1 storage OS and in its latest incarnation has been designed with clustering capabilities inherent to the architecture. Data mobility between clouds is a reality today with Clustered Data ONTAP and NetApp is in the vanguard of cloud storage innovation.

IDC have estimated that by 2016 over 60% of storage systems shipments will be to service providers. That should put the wind up some storage vendors. It means potentially a rethink about who actually is their customer. It may mean they are selling to a service provider more frequently than to a CIO or IT Director in the future.

NetApp recognized this shift some time ago and we have put service providers in the center of our thinking for a while now. Indeed, we’ve had a Service Provide Program since 2009 and with over 175 service provider partners it is plain we fully recognize the importance of this constituent.

So, it is with great pride that we are able to claim #1 in storage system capacity shipped for public cloud infrastructure, as measured by IDC. Read the press release here. My colleague Phil Brotherton, VP Cloud Solutions has written a post this week on what this means and contextualizes this accolade.

The future is bright, the future is cloud.


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