Reveling in Revlon: Applying the NetApp Foundation

By | March 18, 2013

Revlon21-300x184I well remember the shock I experienced when my wife first asked me to buy her some Day and Night creams at the airport. I won’t mention the brand (though sadly I do remember it – it was in white packaging with red writing on it) but when the assistant asked me for something approaching $100 for the two items, I told her that I only wanted one of each, not the entire shelf. As I learned then, there is money in this ‘ere makeup business.

One highly successful company, growing on the back of the insatiable desire for cosmetics and beauty products is Revlon.They have a brand recognition to be envied and for the female population it is name that connotes glamour and beauty but crucially, at affordable prices. However their growth was being hampered by IT systems belonging to the last century. In fact six years ago their IT infrastructure was an impediment to their business, the basics were just not there. No wifi, no web mail and laptops that didn’t travel well overseas.  Then a new CIO was appointed, and the game changed forever. David Giambruno embarked on a modernization program, starting with the infrastructure and moving up the stack, to bring Revlon into the 21st century as far as IT is concerned. Back then he probably didn’t know that he was taking Revlon on a journey to an Agile Data Infrastructure, but essentially that is what it has become.

What did Revlon do? Well. they chose NetApp as the single storage provider for their infrastructure. That was obviously their first brilliant decision. Using it as the basis for their core systems,  they embraced a private cloud paradigm and implemented a global master data model, the result of which has been the acceleration of new business capabilities and a change in the way their employees think about and utilize big data.

Along the way, they have seen some truly impressive results including

– Saved >$70m in cost avoidance (not needing to build additional data centers for instance)

– Reduced time to deliver IT project by a whopping 70%

– Increased the number of IT projects delivered by 425% (which c-level wouldn’t want that?)

– Achieved 6 x 9 uptime – that is 99.9999% availability – equivalent to 13 seconds of downtime annually

Massively impressive.

But above all that,they have turned IT into a weapon. It is truly value-add . They have simplified  IT to unleash agility and turn big data into a competitive advantage.

Watch the video here

Revlon have applied a NetApp Foundation – and boy, they are looking good…..

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