FedEx faster than the Internet?

By | February 19, 2013

fedex-300x195My esteemed colleague and blogger, Tim Waldron (see Tim’s Tales) alerted me to this rather interesting article about how, under certain specific conditions, FedEx is actually a faster carrier of data than the Internet (please note: there are other logistics companies who perform the same function).

I only share because it amused me. Of course, it is all theoretical as there are many variables ignored which makes this just a self-interested exercise, but it does show how the advent of SSD and Flash Technology with the increases in density and reduced form factor, will push out the theoretical limit when the Internet will surpass the total capacity of the world’s fleet of logistics aircraft carriers to 2040.Which is a rather unsubtle plug to alert you to some exciting news on NetApp and Flash Technology coming imminently. Stay tuned!

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