FlexPod: Efficiency meets Performance

FlexPod now available with all flash-arrays and Cisco ACI  Now, I generally don’t get very technical or push product too much on this site preferring to take a more holistic and perhaps askance view on the IT industry. There are plenty of posts from my colleagues like Matt Watts that dive into the details and… Read More »

EMEA Insight: Ich bin ein Berliner…..

  ….4 German words with which most Americans of a certain generation will be familiar. When President Kennedy made his infamous speech, Berlin was going through a political maelstrom and tensions across the city were high. It was extremely divided, metaphorically as well as literally. Things have moved on pretty significantly with respect to Berlin… Read More »

Start with the Workload

My colleague Matt Watts offered up a provocative video blog post back in May entitled “The demise of tier 1, throwing ‘flash grenades’ at Fortress VMAX” and an even more incendiary one called “” more recently.  Judging by the comments on that one, it touched a nerve with several ex-NetApp employees now working for small… Read More »

Ferry does Dylan – and not very well.

Album review – Bryan Ferry ‘Dylanesque’. In a series of very occasional album reviews on this site, here are my reflections on ‘Dylanesque’, Bryan Ferry’s homage to Bob Dylan. Granted it is about 7 years too late to be reviewing it and I suppose anyone who thought about buying it either did so at the… Read More »

Here comes some more product. Put out the bunting? Yes, I think so…..

Whoa hey! NetApp introduces another new FAS system. Read all about it! (well, two systems actually, see here). Put out the bunting and open the champagne. Depending on your starting position you might possibly be thrilled about the introduction of both the new entry-level FAS system, the 2500 and also the FAS 8080 EX, the… Read More »

Some thoughts on leadership

I recently delivered a briefing to 40 senior managers of a mid cap technology company from across Europe. It was a small part of a week-long training course that they were undertaking on many aspects of leadership and strategy. I was there primarily to talk about how marketing (my function) is supports corporate strategies, but… Read More »