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The Internet of Things – Life will never be the same…..

As his new car steered itself into his drive, he sat back in his seat and pulled out his tablet. The automatic pilot was driving him home far more efficiently and safely than he ever could. It had already routed itself around a traffic jam and sent some diagnostics back to the car dealership. His… Read More »

Data $5bn

Am I alone in thinking that it would be really cool to put a value on all the data that a company owns and add it to the balance sheet? Then, when a company is valued it isn’t just intangibles like “brand value” that is considered but also an absolute figure for the value of… Read More »

Social Networks drive ‘Big Data’

Big Data is a hot topic in the IT industry right now. Is it marketing hype or does it have real foundational importance? Like Virtualization and Cloud, two other categories which have dominated the IT airwaves in the last five years, Big Data isn’t actually all that new and in it’s broadest sense can trace… Read More »