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The Internet of Things – Life will never be the same…..

As his new car steered itself into his drive, he sat back in his seat and pulled out his tablet. The automatic pilot was driving him home far more efficiently and safely than he ever could. It had already routed itself around a traffic jam and sent some diagnostics back to the car dealership. His… Read More »

NetApp ranked #1 Storage for Public Cloud Infrastructure

No doubt about it – cloud computing is the most disruptive trend and the biggest paradigm shift that we’ve seen in IT architectures since client-server came into prominence back in the 1980s thereby breaking the hegemony of the mainframe vendors . As Jay Kidd stated in his predictions last year IT departments have to start thinking… Read More »

Update from Barca. 4 interviews and 2 keynotes….

…..and a lot more besides. (just to be clear, I was giving interviews to journalists and most certainly not delivering keynotes!). READER WARNING:  this is a long post – get yourself a cup of tea, some digestive biscuits and clear your diary! The two keynotes  I caught were those from VMware heavyweights, Pat Gelsinger, CEO… Read More »