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The French Government goes cloud

The news today is that Accenture have won a contract to deliver a cloud implementation for the French Directorate of Legal and Administrative Information (DILA),  part of the French Government. It has been named the G-Cloud, presumably G for “Gouvernement”, though I guess it could stand for “Grand” or “Génial”, since it is big and… Read More »

Cloud in the Small & Medium Sized Business Sector

There is no doubt that adoption of cloud architectures is gathering momentum. There can be very few large scale organizations that are not seriously looking to reduce their IT costs and increase business flexibility by implementing an on-premise or off-premise private cloud. Some are also taking their less mission-critical applications and putting them on public… Read More »

Every Cloud has a Tin lining

Over the last 7 years there has been a mega-trend in IT to virtualise anything and everything. First servers, then storage and now the focus is on the desktop. For the desktop, Citrix, VMware and Microsoft are the major combatants and the opportunity is large. Many major organisations are well down the road to significantly… Read More »

Leakage to the Cloud

‘Leakage’ is a not a “positively dirty word’ as General Melchett described it in Blackadder IV, but a term being applied to  the movement of applications to the cloud without the knowledge or consent of the IT department. The usual scenario is that a line-of-business within an organization which has a need for some relatively… Read More »