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Here comes some more product. Put out the bunting? Yes, I think so…..

Whoa hey! NetApp introduces another new FAS system. Read all about it! (well, two systems actually, see here). Put out the bunting and open the champagne. Depending on your starting position you might possibly be thrilled about the introduction of both the new entry-level FAS system, the 2500 and also the FAS 8080 EX, the… Read More »

Flash: New Wine in Old Skins?

Is Flash the disruptive technology that the plethora of startups claim it to be? or is it merely another (albeit more performant) form factor for storing data? There’s much to be said on both sides. The argument that I heard at VMWorld from an ex-colleague who left NetApp eighteen months ago to join one of… Read More »

FedEx faster than the Internet?

My esteemed colleague and blogger, Tim Waldron (see Tim’s Tales) alerted me to this rather interesting article about how, under certain specific conditions, FedEx is actually a faster carrier of data than the Internet (please note: there are other logistics companies who perform the same function). I only share because it amused me. Of course,… Read More »